• HIPAA Comliance Readiness

    What is HIPAA Compliance Information Security?

    The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was created in 1996 to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of patients health records. HIPAA provides a series of security guidelines to ensure that Patient Health Information (PHI) is viewed by authorized care providers only.

    As the medical industry began rapidly adopting electronic medical record (EMR) management this left many organizations under equipped to handle the scope and scale of information security. Health Care Practitioners across the globe were under threat of data loss and theft due to cyberattacks. Due to the increasing number of cyberattacks over the last decade, the guidelines for HIPAA compliance are constantly changing.

    Now more than ever, HIPAA Compliance Audits are becoming an ever growing concern for Medical Practices Nationwide. In 2016, the Office of Civil Rights began its first phase of HIPAA Information Security Compliance Audits. (SEE HHS.GOV ON THE WEB FOR MORE INFORMATION).

    Over 20,000 business associates were selected for the PHASE 2 round of auditing with 90% of this pool representing health care providers nationwide. SEE NIST.GOV for more information. After results were published it was found that over 90% of business associates audited were found to have an inadequate information security risk management plan.

    Who Will Be Audited?

    “Every covered entity and business associate is eligible for an audit. These include covered individual and organizational providers of health services; health plans of all sizes and functions; health care clearinghouses; and a range of business associates of these entities. We expect covered entities and business associates to provide the auditors their full cooperation and support.” HHS.GOV

    On What Basis Will Auditees Be Selected?

    For this phase of the audit program, OCR is identifying pools of covered entities and business associates that represent a wide range of health care providers, health plans, health care clearinghouses and business associates. By looking at a broad spectrum of audit candidates, OCR can better assess HIPAA compliance across the industry – factoring in size, types and operations of potential auditees. Sampling criteria for auditee selection will include size of the entity, affiliation with other healthcare organizations, the type of entity and its relationship to individuals, whether an organization is public or private, geographic factors, and present enforcement activity with OCR. OCR will not audit entities with an open complaint investigation or that are currently undergoing a compliance review.

    Kama’aina Tech Solutions has been working with Local Health Care Providers on the Big Island to ensure their Patient Health Information is kept secure from loss and theft. We help maintain your HIPAA compliance readiness year round with time tested solutions, consistent documentation, and employee training.

    What you receive with Kama’aina Tech Solutions HIPAA Compliance Provision:

    1. Network Security Audit of your existing business network.
    2. A comprehensive and detailed report of your current HIPAA compliance standings and where to improve.
    3. Security Framework Documentation.
    4. Monthly IT asset auditing and reporting.
    5. Employee Training Documentation

    It is important to understand that HIPAA rediness is a continuous process of management and documentation. Federal Auditors will expect Business Associates to produce accurate monthly auditing of their existing IT Security Framework. Kama’aina Tech Solutions provides these and many other IT services for a single monthly fee. These services normally add up to thousands in recurring costs every month. Kama’aina Tech Solutions Provides the very best lean and mean solutions saving my customers up to 30% or more on HIPAA compliance solutions when compared to other Tech Providers.

    Don’t wait till its too late! Contact your Kama’aina Tech for a consultation.

  • Hardware Deployment

    Hardware Deployment

    Benefit from the latest lean-and-mean hardware solutions in the industry. With 14 years of experience in hardware deployment your business will benefit from a fast, pain free installations of your technology assets. Working on a budget and a deadline? Kama’aina Tech Solutions will put together a comprehensive plan for your business to get you up and running in no time.
  • Dedicated Support

    Dedicated Support

    It’s good to know your technology assets are covered 24/7. Having the right help in when your network goes down can save businesses hundreds in lost revenue. Kama’aina Tech Solutions provides your business with:

    • Data/Voice Cabling
    • Routing/Switching
    • Server Management
    • Cloud solutions
    • patch management
    • Break/Fix support
    • Business Phone and Internet Service
    • Secure Onsite/Offsite Backup
    • Cover every level of your business critical devices with a Managed Support plan that lets us take care of the tech fuss.

  • IT Networking for any size of business

    Is your business suffering from poor internet performance? Has productivity suffered because of the same connection issues for years? Or maybe you are just looking to add a few more workstations to your office. Kama’aina Tech Solutions has your business covered.

    Managing your IT problems and your business can be frustrating. Kama’aina Tech Solutions can provide you with the peace of mind that your systems are functioning at optimal performance 24/7. Stop chasing your IT issues and identify potential problems before they result in downtime.

    In addition to basic installations here are some of the services we provide:

    Bandwidth Management

    Real-time traffic shaping and reporting tools allow for smart management of your existing bandwidth; prioritizing the devices and workstations that require a high level of network performance. Often times, internet performance issues are related to excessive bandwidth use from unknown sources such as malware programs, automated updates, and streaming media services. This excessive use can often slow your internet performance to a crawl. This feature saves hours, days, weeks, of repeat network instability and downtime. Internet Service Providers (ISP) also encounters issues with their equipment impacting your level of service. Detection of these internet performance issues as they occur are key in creating a permanent solution to your organizations internet performance issues. Real-time traffic shaping and bandwidth monitoring services is a must in any business where data is being exchanged.

    Multi-Site Networking (VPN Support)

    The ability to bridge together multiple locations of your business into a single secure network is the goal of Virtual Private Networking. We go far beyond normal support of your Virtual Private Networks (VPN). Auto VPN™ self-configuring site-to-site VPN makes it easy to establish reliable secure connectivity across your entire organization.

    Threat Detection and Prevention System (IDPS)

    With the rising instance of cyberattacks, it is important to implement threat protection that can quickly adapt to new threats in real-time. To respond to these threats, tech company Cisco had deployed global threat detection network to identify and prevent attacks that occur around the world. Your Office’s internet traffic is monitored round the clock by Cisco’s threat detection network. The Cisco cloud analyzes this traffic for known threats and will prevent the intrusion in real-time. This system is updated every hour with the latest threats that have been identified by Cisco’s global security network.

    Advanced Malware Prevention (AMP)

    Receive unparalleled threat prevention via the integrated Sourcefire engine. New threats are identified daily and updated to your network firewall to ensure protection against the latest vulnerabilities—including exploits, viruses, rootkits, and more—and these are pushed via the cloud to MX customers within an hour—no manual staging or patching needed.

    Load-Balancing / Failover

    Combine multiple internet connections to create a single high-speed internet connection. Additionally, Connection Failover will automatically use 1 of 2 working internet connections in the event of a connection failure. Both Load-Balancing and failover can be enabled simultaneously.

    Content Filtering

    Block or allow specific websites. Block or allow an entire category of websites. This feature makes it easy to manage access to your organizations web-based internet traffic.

    Web Access Control

    Web access control requires that users authenticate their internet access before they can connect to the web. This is especially useful for organizations that restrict the use of web browsing to key personnel rather than per workstation. Authentication is performed simply via the Meraki’s authentication web portal to access the internet.

    Automated Email Alerts

    Receive email alerts to system events. This feature is a proactive approach to network administration allowing for notification of system events that could affect network stability before the event results in downtime.

  • Business Phone and Internet

    Business Phone and Internet

    In addition to IT services KTS works with Local service provider, Red Road Telecom, to bring you best-in-class Business Internet and Phone Solutions. Red Road Telecom provides Hosted VoIP PBX Business Phone Service and Internet service throughout the Hawaiian Islands, and their Track My Ad®, Cloud PBX and Cloud Queue services are available nationwide. For more information on these services please visit redroad.com
  • Advanced Network Security

    Advanced Network Security

    Most IT support strategies involve deployment of local devices and software to monitor your network traffic once it has entered your network. KP solutions provides Advanced Security and Protection for your business network using cloud based solutions from Cisco to examine your traffic for harmful activity long before it arrives at your place of business. An industry leader in Networking and Cybersecurity for more than 2 decades, Cisco continues to remain the #1 provider of Network devices world wide.

    As cyberattacks become more prevalent and sophisticated it becomes increasingly important to understand the methods and motivations of cybercriminals. Services such as Norse Corporation, a threat detection and intelligence network, provide real time monitoring of cyberattacks happening world wide. Resources like these allow companies such as Cisco to stay ahead of cyberthreats as they occur in real time.

    Cybersecurity for all levels of business has become affordable, easy to deploy, and delivers the same level of security afforded to muilti-million dollar organizations. If your business maintains confidential records or HR and accounting information, employ a level of security you know you can trust.

  • IP Video Surveillance

    IP Video Surveillance

    Protect your business with IP based Video Surveillance solutions from KTS. KTS provides professional video surveillance design and implementation for commercial operations. Additionally, KTS provides managed surveillance solutions to maintain and monitor your system 24/7. KTS implements cutting edge video surveillance solutions that enable on premises management in ways that were impossible using traditional analog surveillance systems
    • Track customer in-flow/out-flow in real-time.
    • Manage and track customer wait-times to reduce service bottlenecks.
    • Secure cloud based video management.
    • 24/7 Monitoring and alerting of on-prem activity.
    • Forensic license plate idenfication mangement.
    • Infrastructure management using wired and wireless solutions.
    • A wide variety of indoor/outdoor camera designs for every need.
  • Network Security Cameras (Cloud and DVR)

    Network Security Cameras (Cloud and DVR)

    In addition to the IT services we provide, we also offer security camera installation services for IP based camera systems. We work with you to address your video surveilance needs as part of an overal Security Framework. Kama’aina Tech Solutions provides both Cloud based and DVR options.